Saturday, April 5, 2008

Review of Series 4, Episode 1: "Partners in Crime"

I just finished watching the first episode of Series 4 and I am delighted!  What a great start to the season!  "Partners in Crime" was by far the best first episode of any of the new seasons (compared against "Rose," "New Earth," and "Smith and Jones").  Then again, I enjoyed Donna in "The Runaway Bride," so your milage may vary.  While watching the episode I was reminded of an old Looney Tunes cartoon -- partly because of the whimsical musical cues and partly because of the overall comedic tone of the script.  The scene with Donna and The Doctor seeing each other for the first time half way through the episode made me laugh out loud.  Great acting there from both David Tennant and Catherine Tate.  And thank goodness they got the sexual tension issue out of the way right up front.  After three seasons of The Doctor and his companion making lovey-dovey eyes at each other, it will be great to have him travel with just "a mate."  Speaking of great, how excellent was the surprise cameo by Rose at the end?  I didn't see that one coming.  One thing I do see coming (although I could be wrong, of course) is that the Adipose will turn out to be baby Sontarans.  I always wondered what those little clones looked like as children -- and I think Russell T. Davies might be showing us.  Overall, this episode comes highly recommended by me.  I can't wait to see what happens in Pompei.  Besides the volcano, of course.

Doctor What

P.S.  The shout out to "Mad Martha" was a nice touch, too!


Elisa said...

Now Mad Martha is going to know how many blogger's lives she touches. :)

I enjoyed the episode too. And Hello Rose!

Good point about the babies looking like Sontarans.


Doctor What said...

Hey, Elisa! Thanks for the comment. I think Mad Martha is going to be surprised at the level of fame she has in the states. She's like a celebrity here! Ha ha.